60 Seconds with our Land Director, Quentin Webster

How did you get into property?

My Father was a developer so I grew up in the industry and then studied Urban Estate Management at University


What do you like most about your job?

I like the industry, the larger than life personalities and the ability to shape Cities


What challenges do you face?

There is always a new challenge on the horizon, be it the incorporation of much needed social housing, the demands of funders or as we have now experienced the shock of a Global Pandemic.  But Brick and Mortar always finds a way to survive


What do you think will change in the property sector in the coming year?

I think the freedom to work and travel will make a huge difference in the way people feel.  The sense of relief.  Brexit will clearly have a massive influence on the London market and the “work from home” culture that has been forced to develop will clearly have a huge effect on the office market, maybe even freeing up a few opportunities for residential


What are you most proud of?

The fact that I am involved, in however small a way, in shaping the skyline of the largest global city in the World.


Who are your influencers?

My Father is a huge influence in my life both private and professional as are some very good friends that I have made in the industry, working for, with and sometimes even against!


What are you looking forward to?

A very Dry Vodka Martini and a dozen oysters in Quo Vadis with friends